About us

This project arises during the long season that I spent in a hospital, specifically in the children’s oncology plant, where I learned that all the pain and problems that we face in our daily lives, can not be compared with what is lived between those four walls, heartbreaking and desperate situations faced by patients and families. The real pain of suffering and not the small adversities or setbacks, for which we complain continuously.

I could talk about very extreme circumstances because I have spent them in the first person, but I want to focus this project from positivism and not from lamentation.

This project responds to a very clear need: to make large and small improve their quality of life as much as possible. Get your fear and your frustration down.

I observed that one of the great obstacles that patients often had to face and that made them feel more vulnerable was to take off their shirts. Something that apparently does not involve any problem.

Patients who are exposed to long treatments should use a port-a-cath (device that provides permanent central venous access), which is handled by nurses and doctors very often. There comes the great difficulty, why do you have to take off your shirt ?, Is not it worth to upload or adapt it to be able to medicate them?

Thus the idea was born, a shirt adapted to this reality, a much easier and faster disposition that avoids being naked or half-naked. The approach was simple and yet, there was nothing like it on the market.

It had to be fixed, and t-shirts do not cover this need. They are designed for patients to feel like a useful and comfortable garment, with a nice design, like any other shirt we have in our closet.

I had to take this project forward, I needed to help those who had become my family and many others who live the same situation. It became a personal challenge and so, little by little, the idea took shape.

I wanted to know the opinion of psychologists, oncologists, nurses, relatives of patients and patients, the true protagonists. And thanks to all of them, what began as an illusion became a reality.

With the purchase of the T-shirt, not only is a treatment that is already painful for the patients is facilitated, but money is also collected that will go to the oncological research for children.

Need and solidarity embodied in the same product.

The designs of the T-shirts Porta-t are the dreams of super heroes, drawn by its protagonists, children who have passed and are going through a difficult situation.

My name is Patricia, and I am the creator of all this. A mother of a 4 year old boy who went through the experience of having to live a long time in a hospital. And it was he, my son, who gave me the energy to make this dream come true.

Meet our Superheroes

Meet SuperPerro,  SuperMágica and Yago Glorioso. All created by the real heroes.

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portat, camisetas para porta-cath

Our Solidarity Mission

In Porta-t we have a solidarity mission, know now what it is about and with whom we collaborate.

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